krsnainvaikuntha 429_vaikuntha


yat sankulam hari-padanati-matra-drstair

vaidurya-marakata-hema-mayair vimanaih
yesam brhat-kati-tatah smita-sobhi-mukhyah
krsnatmanam na raja adadhur utsmayadyaih


yat — that Vaikuntha abode; sankulam — is pervaded; hari-pada — at the two lotus feet of Hari, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; anati — by obeisances; matra — simply; drstaih — are obtained; vaidurya — lapis lazuli; marakata — emeralds; hema — gold; mayaih — made of; vimanaih — with airplanes; yesam — of those passengers; brhat — large; kati-tatah — hips; smita — smiling; sobhi — beautiful; mukhyah — faces; krsna — in Krsna; atmanam — whose minds are absorbed; na — not; rajah — sex desire; adadhuh — stimulate; utsmaya-adyaih — by intimate friendly dealings, laughing and joking.TRANSLATION[The inhabitants of Vaikuntha travel in their airplanes made of lapis lazuli, emerald and gold. Although crowded by their consorts, who have large hips and beautiful smiling faces, they cannot be stimulated to passion by their mirth and beautiful charms.]


In the material world, opulences are achieved by materialistic persons by dint of their labor. One cannot enjoy material prosperity unless he works very hard to achieve it. But the devotees of the Lord who are residents of Vaikuntha have the opportunity to enjoy a transcendental situation of jewels and emeralds. Ornaments made of gold bedecked with jewels are achieved not by working hard but by the benediction of the Lord. In other words, devotees in the Vaikuntha world, or even in this material world, cannot be poverty-stricken, as is sometimes supposed. They have ample opulences for enjoyment, but they need not labor to achieve them. It is also stated that in the Vaikuntha world the consorts of the residents are many, many times more beautiful than we can find in this material world, even in the higher planets. It is specifically mentioned here that a woman’s large hips are very attractive and they stimulate man’s passion, but the wonderful feature of Vaikuntha is that although the women have large hips and beautiful faces and are decorated with ornaments of emeralds and jewels, the men are so absorbed in Krsna consciousness that the beautiful bodies of the women cannot attract them. In other words, there is enjoyment of the association of the opposite sex, but there is no sexual relationship. The residents of Vaikuntha have a better standard of pleasure, so there is no need of sex pleasure.

>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 3.15.20

The Spiritual Sky

0028_SB 1-3 f.c

CC Madhya 21.3 — Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu continued, “All the transcendental forms of the Lord are situated in the spiritual sky. They preside over spiritual planets in that abode, but there is no counting those Vaikuṇṭha planets.

CC Madhya 21.4 — “The breadth of each Vaikuṇṭha planet is described as eight miles multiplied by one hundred, by one thousand, by ten thousand, by one hundred thousand and by ten million. In other words, each Vaikuṇṭha planet is expanded beyond our ability to measure.

CC Madhya 21.5 — “Each Vaikuṇṭha planet is very large, and each is made of spiritual bliss. The inhabitants are all associates of the Supreme Lord, and they have full opulence like the Lord Himself. This is how the Vaikuṇṭha planets are all situated.

CC Madhya 21.6 — “Since all the Vaikuṇṭha planets are located in a certain corner of the spiritual sky, who can measure the spiritual sky?

CC Madhya 21.7 — “The shape of the spiritual sky is compared to a lotus flower. The topmost region of that flower is called the whorl, and within that whorl is Kṛṣṇa’s abode. The petals of the spiritual lotus flower consist of many Vaikuṇṭha planets.

CC Madhya 21.8 — “Each Vaikuṇṭha planet is full of spiritual bliss, complete opulence and space, and each is inhabited by incarnations. If Lord Brahmā and Lord Śiva cannot estimate the length and breadth of the spiritual sky and the Vaikuṇṭha planets, how can ordinary living entities begin to imagine them?

CC Madhya 21.9 — “ ‘O supreme great one! O Supreme Personality of Godhead! O Supersoul, master of all mystic power! Your pastimes are taking place continuously in these worlds, but who can estimate where, how and when You are employing Your spiritual energy and performing Your pastimes? No one can understand the mystery of these activities.’


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