“Atithi means guest without any information.”

“Pantha-bhaga. There is a stock of foodstuff which is called pantha-bhaga.”
[“‘It is the duty of a grhastha to loudly cry, “If anyone is hungry, please come. We have got still food.'”]

[Sudama: So we should take the Deity prasadam and our prasadam and go to all the houses?
Prabhupada: No no. You invite them, that “Anyone, you are welcome. Take prasadam.” We can announce. Then you can judge how many people are coming daily. You should announce that “Anyone can come and take prasadam at noon.” It is the duty of a grhastha to loudly cry, “If anyone is hungry, please come. We have got still food.” That is the duty of a grhastha. If one does not come, then the chief of the house, he takes prasada. If somebody says, “I am hungry,” so he should offer his own food. “You eat.” This is duty of grhastha. Bhunjate te tv agham papa ye pacanti. Those who are cooking for themselves, they are simply eating sinful things. That’s all. Bhunjate te tv agham papa ye pacanty atma-karanat [Bg. 3.13]. So hospitality is one of the duties of the householder. Atithi. Atithi means guest without any information. That is called atithi. Tithi means date. So if I go to your house, I inform you that “Such and such date I am coming there.” But atithi, he does not inform you, all of a sudden comes. So you should have to receive him. That is called atithi. Pantha. People are moving… Formerly, if some of the walkers in the street, suppose he has become hungry, so he enters anyone’s house. So “I am hungry sir. Give me something to eat.” He’ll immediately, “Take.” Pantha-bhaga. There is a stock of foodstuff which is called pantha-bhaga. If somebody comes all of a sudden, he should take.
April 22, 1972, Japan
Pradyumna: The temple should always have some prasadam there?
Prabhupada: Temple must have. Even ordinary grhastha. That is Vedic civilization, not that we cook for ourself, for my husband, for my wife and children, eat it sumptuously and go to bed. No. Even grhastha, he should be always prepared to receive guest. Yes. And even a guest comes, your enemy, you should receive him in such a nice way that he will forget that you are all enemies. Grhe satrum api praptam visvastam akutobhayam. This is Vedic civilization, not that “Beware of dog. Please don’t enter here. You are forbidden to come here. And if you come, I shall shoot you.” Sometimes they do that. This is not human civilization. It is cats’ and dogs’ civilization. So actually we are teaching what is human civilization. But we must be also like human being, not cats and dogs. Otherwise how can you teach? If I am like cats and dogs, I cannot criticize others as cats and dogs. I must be first of all human being. Then I shall teach others how to become human being. I must become first of all devotee. Then I shall request others to become devotee. Apani acari jive sikhaila bhakti. First behave yourself perfectly; then teach others to become perfect. That is preacher. Now we are selling The Process of Creation but if I do not know what is the process of creation, we do not read, if you go to sell some book, then if he says, “What is the process of creation? You explain,” and if you say, “All right, let me consult my book…” Kuto gata vedyah para-hasta-gatam dhanam. Para-hasta-gatam dhanam means, “I have got enough wealth.” “Where it is?” “It is in other hands. It is not in my possession, in others’ possession.” This kind of possessing wealth has no value. Similarly, when somebody asks you some question, if you say, “Let me consult my book,” that knowledge has no value. “Let me consult my book.” So all these books are there. You see one sloka studying, knowing. It takes one hour. So there are millions of slokas. How much you have to study. So these things are to be noted. This Krsna consciousness movement means perfection, all round perfection. Then people will much appreciate. There is no doubt about it. And we can go anywhere, everywhere, because we are pure. We are giving the right thing. So is there any artist here who can draw? You can?]

>> Ref. VedaBase => Room Conversations — April 22, 1972, Japan

Type: Conversation

Date: April 22, 1972

Location: Tokyo

Hare Krsna!
Please accept my humble obeisances and dandavats!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada
and all pure devotees of the Supreme Personality of Godhead!
At the present time I can understand this can be the program at the communal center for Krsna consciousness. At New Talavana guests and community members are at the door of the kitchen looking for prasadam every day.
Since I am counted amongst the rocks and stones lower than scum I have trouble realizing this standard at my own home. I am uncertain about my future.
Please keep me informed how I can do more to serve Krsna Katha, becoming conversant in science of Krsna consciousness, and becoming expert in science of Krsna consciousness argument.
May Lord Sri Krsna always shower you all with many blessings, sublime transcendental knowledge, and advancement in pure devotion to the Supreme God!
Your friend, neighbor, and humble servant for Krsna consciousness Bhakti Yoga,

Religious servant of God
at ॐ Hare Krsna Farms
Dandavats dasa


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