Welcome to Bhakti Yoga International

Hare Krsna!

May Lord Sri Krsna always shower you all with many blessings, sublime transcendental knowledge, and advancement in pure devotion to the Supreme God!

Thank you for visiting our web site!  Please consider looking over the pages we have posted.  Let us know your thoughts and findings.

Your friend and neighbor,
Dandavats dasa

Religious servant of God
at ॐ Hare Krsna Farms

Helpful Hare Krsna Resource Sites:

Please check these web pages and groups for Bhakti Yoga and Krsna consciousness Worldwide:


The Bhakti Yoga Network:

I have been asking around to encourage interest in developing Hare Krsna Cafe or Vegetarian food distribution in every neighborhood worldwide. We would like to reach everyone with the Hare Krsna message.  We are willing to work with different vegetarian organizations, vegan organizations, faith groups and similar organizations.  At the same time there would be so much done to minimize hunger worldwide. Please keep in touch if you know someone who would like to contribute to this cause.

1459944_10202427595508891_1792285226_n - Copy
Now developing a full program of
​faith, hope, ​love, friendship, and family​ for God
here at New Talavana
Hare Krsna Farms…
Go to Krishna Culture for all your Transcendental needs…

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